Hi, and welcome. :) I’m Roo Ciambriello (ru cham-bree-yellow).

I’m zero percent Italian; don’t be fooled by the last name. Half white girl and half Pacific Islander, which just means that my hair gets big when it’s humid out and I can play five chords on the ukelele.

I swear to you I smile way more than these photos and all other photos of me would ever suggest.

Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello

(photo by Dan SavinelliMatthew Paul Turner, respectively)

In August 2010, I started this blog for no real reason except that I love to write. It’s wild and incredible to find something you love and do it – a job that makes you love Mondays. I’m grateful to be here. Aside from being a blogger, I’m a copywriter, which just means I get to write fun stories and lame puns on the backs of potato chip bags. You can see my words on packaging in Whole Foods, Petco, and Target. My semi-professional (yeah, like football) website is here.

I think humor makes everything a little lighter, and frivolity maybe is worth more than its name would suggest. If you click around, you’ll find stick figure cartoons, emoticons, embarrassing stories, and observations through a screen of 90s nostalgia and hip-hop. I miss Oregon Trail and the days that Choco Tacos could be purchased at Taco Bell, but I like 2013′s internet capabilities and advances in nighttime face cream. Which sort of explains the name of the blog. In my mind the 90s live on without the humiliation and shame ages 10 to 18 afforded me.  We’re all grown-ups keeping it fresh, but there’s just no need to excuse dancing when a Jagged Edge song comes on.

Well, maybe to our children. My husband Jack and I are raising our three lovely girls, ages five, three and a half, and one and a half, in a beach town in Connecticut. You can read about the people (aforementioned husband and kiddies, not-so-fresh-off-the-boat mom) that put up with me on a regular basis here.

I write about more serious topics sometimes. Like the heavier side of parenting, having children with extensive food allergies, social justice, and Beyonce. JK on that last one, may Destiny’s Child rest in sequined and fur-lined peace.

This is NEON FRESH, formerly known as NiceGirlNotes. Thank you for finding your way here. Please stay as long as you’d like.

Let’s be buds and split a pizza sometime.