I was at a work event a while ago. Like with many industry events, it’s all business during the day, and at night everyone loosens up and parties a little and some of the best networking is done when people are a bit less buttoned up. I think this is probably true of people in most industries, except maybe.. I don’t know.. accountants? I would say librarians, but my BFF is a director at a library and she knows how to get low, so…

(For the record, I get the biggest kick out of meeting a serious-faced suited-up exec during the day and then seeing him again at night swaying to reggae music with the scent of eau de cannabis wafting around his head.)

I exited the dance floor and weaved through the crowds to hit the ladies’ room. I put my handbag on the counter and opened it up to powder my nose (we call it that, but I don’t ever actually powder my nose), when one woman my age spots me, runs over to me, leans her face up, points to her cheeks and goes, “Can you do me, too?”

Total stranger.

And I was like OF COURSE! So I stood there and swirled some blush on to a brush and applied it to her cheeks. She looked in the mirror, smiled, and goes “Oooh thank you so much. I get so flushed and pale when I’m out on the dance floor!” and then she squeezed my arm and ran off.

Ladies' Room Bonding

(the best blush in the world)

I know that people might think this interaction is weird but I looooooved this!! 1) It was obvious that this evening I did not look like a sociopath, because you don’t approach sociopaths and ask them to touch your face, and 2) I liked that something about me was welcoming enough (I had smiled at her first) that she felt comfortable enough to ask me to stand closer than strangers stand and apply makeup. 3) Yes, it’s completely possible that she was hammered and wasn’t thinking straight, but I’m not even going to assume this is an option. Let me live my dreams.

Idk, I’m into it. Really into it.

I think girls/women have these unspoken rules – I mean helping one another out certainly applies to guys, too… but for example:

1) If a stranger approaches you in the bathroom and asks if you have a tampon… if you have a tampon, you hand it over.
2) If another mom’s diaper bag stash has been depleted, you hand over a diaper and at least five wipes.
3) If you’re standing with someone who’s at least a little bit of an acquaintance, and her tag is sticking out of the back of her shirt, you tell her. Or, if – like me – you forget that most people have boundaries about human contact, you tuck it in for her and watch her give you a look of suspicion and concern.

And if you spot me in a ladies’ room, I’ll totally do your makeup. And put your hair in a fishtail braid if you ask. :D :D :D

And then maybe you could give me a hug?

TOO MUCH! Too soon! I know. Sorry.

PS. Facebook has been killing us all softly with its new algorithms. Last night, a bunch of us signed up for Snapchat (read that convo here, then here). If you add me, I’ll notify you via Snapchat every time a new post is up – via a photo of a kitten or my pants… that I’m wearing. My username is roociambriello. Sup.


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